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About Us 

Jeevika is a non-governmental, nonprofit organisation working for well being of Tribals. Tribal communities are spread across all the states of India. Tribal communities have their own culture and lifestyle and are generally backward economically as well as educationally. Their fundamental human rights are violated in every step of life.we work to empower underprivileged children, youth, and women through Education, health care and livelihood programs. Most of them are having the similar problems. We began working in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Tribal and Rural Areas.

These people are backward and are in very poor living conditions in a natural isolated regional inhabitant. Tribals in remote areas are still devoid of common infrastructure facilities such as roads, communication, health, education, safe drinking water, sanitation and resulting in no accessibility to the present world. Most of these Tribes are indications of primitive traits distinctive culture, geographical isolation, shyness of contact with the outer community and backwardness. The main problems of the Tribals are poverty, malnutrition, indebtedness, illiteracy, bondage, exploitation, diseases, and unemployment. We are working to fix some of the basic problems by providing sustainable Solutions

Vision and Mission

To create a self reliant and ecologically aware society that ensures sustainable resource management and where people resource management and where people can live, think and act with dignity and in the absence of discrimination and inequality concerning religion, caste, color, or gender.

Social change, economic reformation, and making the people self-reliant in their individual lives.
We Plan to work out the following aims and objectives
• Improving the economic, social, environmental etc.. standard of the people.
• To stimulate self-help and self-reliance through various field training programs.

• To provide health and education to women and children.
• To carry out environment promotion program through safe drinking water among the needy.
• Publishing of news, letters, leaflets, etc with the aims of creating awareness among the people.
• To provide employment guarantee by implementing various income-generating programs.
• To take up infrastructure development like construction of village connection roads, excavation of tanks for pisciculture, construction of ring bond, etc for the development of the people.
• Women empowerment, promotion, and strengthening of self-help groups.
• To provide environmental education and village sanitation.
• Handicraft promotion
• Marketing of handicraft products.

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